#007 ~ Uniting Worlds

#008 ~ butterfly

The princess is the heroine in myth and fairy tale. She is a woman unto herself, since she has survived her initiatory tasks to embody wholeness. She is a wonder to behold.


#012 ~ Jesus & Grail

This woman emerges from the unconscious, the earth, like Persephone, or Eurydice. She unites the worlds, the earth with the sun and moon.


Aphrodite was inspired by the Psyche and Amour myth. She is the Mother initiator and transformer of Psyche from victim to empowered goddess. Aphrodite went to the bottom of the sea because she was so angry about the neglect of her temples by humans. The divine feminine went deep into the collective unconscious.


#001 ~ Tree

#017~ painting life

As I walked along the beach one day in North Carolina the waves gently lapped at the shore. I wasn't looking for shells because there weren't any. The beach was pristine with the gentle waters. I saw something off in the distance at the waters edge. As I got closer, I realized it was a conch shell. It was perfect and the largest shell I had ever seen. I picked the empty shell up and was astonished at how heavy it was. I was so impressed with this gift from the sea that I decided to paint it.


Sophia was a primary figure in my dissertation topic. I learned from a dream that she has been present in my life for at least twenty years. It was only during my dissertation that I realized she had been with me all this time.


This tree is comprised of hands reaching up as branches and below as roots. The sun and moon represent the spirit and soul. The tree is a symbol that unites the above and below.


#016 ~ shell

This image was inspired by a poem I wrote called The Blessing Vine. The sun and moon represent the masculine spirit and feminine soul.


~ Art ~

#009 ~ woman on vine

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#013 ~ sophia

#014 ~

eve - mother of all

I painted Eve as part of my dissertation. The union of sun and moon appeared in a dream. I woke in the morning and felt deep and abiding peace for several days afterwards. The dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit or Sophia, also known as Wisdom. Adam gave Eve her name and said she was the Mother of All. A powerful woman in her own right. I had a dream that Adam and Eve were back in the Garden.


Jesus offers the fullness inherent in the grail. The cup symbolizes the nourishing abundance of the feminine. What resolved the wasteland in King Arthur? A sip from the grail.


This luminous Garden scene depicts the serpent, which is referred to as the "instructor" in Gnostic literature. It is entwined with the vessel, a magical lamp of possibility. All takes place in the darkness of night under a full moon, representing the feminine and the unknown.


#005 ~ Moon Magic

These vibrant sunflowers are a symbol uniting the above and below, solar and earthly.


#018~ serpent & vessel

Gypsy is an independent woman. She holds the light and wholeness of the visionary creator. She is the one who knows, who sees, and who is whole. The doves reference the Christ, or Self.


#002 ~ Aphrodite

#015 ~ In the garden

pamela smith alexander, ph.D.

#010 ~ princess

#004 ~ gypsy

This is another of the dissertation paintings with obvious reference to the Christian Garden of Eden. The sun and moon originally appeared as an eclipse in a dream, which resulted in a profound sense of peace and stillness that lasted for days. They are in many of my paintings and represent the union of Spirit and Soul. That which seems separate is in actuality whole and united. The Eye of God resides at the center. The circle is a symbol of God, whose center is everywhere and circumference is nowhere.


Reaching for the Ineffable ~ The inhalation begins, as the eye unfolds, opening, a lifting of the lid, and the winged fish emerges from the ocean's depths with the rising sun. The winged fish reaches its apex, it turns to begin its descent, as the eyelid slides down across the eye, the exhalation releases, and a gentle splash is heard as the winged fish leads the sun into the still, silent depths of the Unknown. Part of this painting image was used for the cover of Psyche's Poetry: Beauty to Awaken the Soul.


This jewel-toned bird perches on an egg that rests on the waters of the collective unconscious. The fishes represent spirit and soul.


#003 ~ Sunflowers

#011 ~ bird-egg-fish

#006 ~ fisheye

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The butterfly visits a spring budding tree under the warmth of the sun. The butterfly is a symbol of the soul and the sun is spirit.


These images reflect the beauty and creative nature of life as the eye of God, the witness watches the unfolding.


The moon is a symbol of the feminine, cycling in rhythms of ebb and flow. It causes the sunflower to magically bloom. The sun is associated with the masculine.