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The dove, a light, within your soul

To purify, sanctify, and make you whole

Breathe in its essence, breathe in the beauty

Love all as equals, that's your duty

It's not to be, a king, queen, or saint

It's just to open your heart and paint

Write stories and poetry,  to lift and inspire

Lift yourself up and lift others higher

Bless all you see and all you meet

Be interested in all and feel soul in each

For as you share what you love to do

The love will multiply and come back to you

The light will expand and encompass all

This is what's meant when you read of the fall

The light that's in matter, hidden from view

Is openly accessible to all, including you

The dove descends from high above

To open your heart and fill you with love

So you can give and share all you know

Open your heart and let love flow

Be what you want to be, be who you are

Let your light shine, just like a star

So all can see from near and far

Just what a brilliant light you are.


We hear your calls

Your prayers and pleas

To release our spirits

And set our souls free.

Truth calls out to each of us, and though we're drawn to respond, it can be daunting to step onto a spiritual path when it appears that loneliness and challenges lie ahead. Whoever you are, wherever you find yourself - you are not alone. Psyche's Poetry offers a gentle, guiding light for the journey with its soul-searching poems that reveal healing universal truths.

Discover the unique gifts you have to share as you let the peace of these poems open you to recieve the beauty , love, and truth that can awaken you soul.

The Dove

pamela smith alexander, ph.D.