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"When I first met Pam and heard her talk about dreamwork, (which was over 10 years ago now), I never imagined the profound effect it could have on my life. Not only is the system that Pam has developed unique and incredibly intuitive while still being sourced from brilliant study, but she, herself, has a gift. When you work with her, I think you will agree that it is one of those experiences where you leave thinking “Wow... this person had to be put on earth to offer this gift to us.” My goal in life is to live in Love, and model Love in the world, vs. fear, and in doing deep, root work in myself via the dream sessions with Pam, I really feel like that's becoming an attainable goal instead of just an ideal to which I can just aspire."

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Wisdom of the swan

Enter the transformational world of dreaming and discover the wisdom in your dreams.

Wonder and delight awaken as the soul begins to


the truth of who it really is.

In a chaotic world overflowing with information are you ready to access your own wisdom about your life and the world you live in?

What's right for you? With regard to diet, career, relationships, health, psychologically, emotionally, soufully, and spiritually?

Do you wonder what your dreams mean?

Do you feel uninspired by your life and desire renewal?

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Psyche's Poetry: Beauty to Awaken the Soul

Awaken your soul with these inspiring, truth-seeking poems

that bring life, light, and love to your own spiritual journey.

Soulful Longing

The soulful longing

Of a life called home

Neither here nor there

Nor wherever I roam

But deep within

The depths of the heart

Is a place called love

That's where I start

To find the answers

I've been searching for

Above and below

After and before

The moment in which

It all comes to be

All that's required

Is open eyes to see

The life you live

Can be your own

It will lift you up

And carry you home.

- Psyche's Poetry:

Beauty to Awaken the Soul