pamela smith alexander,ph.D.


Early in the morning

I needed to feel

The truth of my soul

And what was real

I open my eyes

To the light of the sun

My heart filled with hope

And the reality of One

I saw within me

The beauty so clear

Of a life lived in love

Instead of in fear

I have lived in the dark

For far too long

It's time for a miracle

And to discover my song

Hear the song in my heart

Feel the joy in my soul

Every day is exquisite

If lived without any goals

But simply to embrace

All I can be

To remember the truth

Of the life within me

To allow my petals

To unfurl in the light

To release my fragrance

And feel my own might

For as I reveal

Without any haste

The truth of my soul

Which has its own pace

I see the brilliance

Of what I can be

The truth of who I am

Is a memory in me

As flowers emerge

From the cocoons of their seeds

So too can I

If I follow my needs

The sun is my heart

My tears are the rain

Which nourish my growth

And transform all pain

The Earth is my past

And everything I love

The fertile ground I am on

And must rise above

To bloom into beauty

That's all I can be

To breathe in the splendor

And set my soul free.

Dreamwork Testimonial:

Pam Alexander is a master at dream interpretation. By looking at her client’s dream symbols in relationship to the individual’s life path, she assists them in moving forward through what may otherwise be a very confusing, and sometimes scary, message. With her patience and deliberation, she is able to help us see the dreams from an alternate perspective, bringing a positive approach and enlightenment to the mystery.

I have gone from worrying about what my dreams mean to looking forward to the next one, so much so that I now journal them all. I have become fascinated by the messages and find that they are leading me through an inner awakening.

Pam has the innate ability to weave the interpretation of symbols together in a fashion that enhances the journey through life of her clients. The best way I can describe this process is “WOW!”

Thank you, Pam! ❤️

-Julia K.

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Enchantment and wonder awaken when the soul begins to


the truth of who it really is.

The soul is born into the world as a free and enlightened being. It is then conditioned by those around it into believing it and the world, are something else entirely. The soul is hypnotized, lulled into a sleep-like forgetting in childhood, which results in a sort of trance engagement with the world. Many of us are often unaware that we have forgotten and only, if we are lucky, have glimpses remaining at the edge of our awareness of a time long ago when we saw things differently. A time when we remembered the deeper reality and meaning of life and dreams. The world is quite different from the one most of us believe in. Every single dream, experience, and imagining is meant to bring us back to ourselves, to reveal our erroneous beliefs, conflicts, limitations, and the ways in which we are in and out of harmony with the greater truth of life. They remind us of what we have forgotten. They bring what is unknown to consciousness. The wisdom of the dream seeks our attention and wants to help return us to an awareness of wholeness. Dreams and dreamwork remind us of who we really are and awaken us to a magical life. They open us to an new reality.

We dream every night to remember the truth of ourselves and the world we live in. Dreams come from an aspect of ourselves that is wise and knows more than we consciously know. They comes to us night after night to speak to us, to reveal greater truths, and transform us into our fullest potential. Dreams assist us in every aspect of our lives. They speak in the symbolic language of the soul, which is not as well known as it used to be, but is deeply meaningful. Dreams communicate with the soul in an attempt to remind the soul of its deeper truth, to awaken it from its slumber, having forgotten the truth of its beingness. Read more about dreams on the Dream Page or explore the meaning of your dreams by Scheduling a dreamwork session with Dr. Alexander.


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